The Future of Payments

How the GoAutomate Platform is solving the nancial institutions necessary adoption of ISO 20022 and ensure continued relevance of these nancial institutions in the 21st century.

What is ISO20022?

ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data exchanged between nancial institutions. It provides descriptions of common concepts and processes in nance. This common language allows for all organizations traditional and new to be synchronized increasing ciencies and reducing the potential of errors and disruptions. The standard covers payment transactions, securities trading and settlement information, credit and debit card transactions and other more.
Regretfully implementation of ISO 20022 is not a straightforward IT project. This implementation will affect core banking infrastructure and will require a detail oriented approach to manage all facets of the organization to ensure the mandatory transition to this standard is seamless.

In order to make the transition to this new global standard as smooth as possible, SWIFT has said that it will begin migrating all cross-border and many-to-many payments onto ISO 20022 starting in 2021.

How GoAutomate Can Help

The GoAutomate automation platform has implemented the payment initiation (PAIN) sections of ISO 20022 providing out-of-thebox payment processing functionality. This means nancial institutions have the ability to plug and play this technology within its infrastructure. Having the capability to utilize this standard quickly without signicant costs and timelines.
Implementation of PAIN (Payment Initiation) in XML format allows a nancial institution the ability to interact and future proof the technology platform. Having this ability is a signicant step forward and provides a signicant competitive advantage to the nancial organization.

GoAutomate Connects Disparate Systems

GoAutomate is an enterprise automation platform that orchestrates transactions across multiple disparate systems. Organizations can now eliminate the complexity of introducing new technology or processes.

Simplied Orchestration Across Old and New Tech

GoAutomate is an automated orchestration and process management platform that takes your existing systems, old or new, and integrates them within the current organizational needs. Existing business processes can be automated, or new processes can be on-boarded in an automated fashion. This can be done across all of your existing technology systems, regardless of whether your systems are based on modern APIs or legacy mainframes.
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How Does GoAutomate Work?

GoAutomate provides an API driven, that allows a large pool of existing, disparate technologies, old and new, to seamlessly integrate to automate your process. If a ready made integration point does not exist out-of-the-box, our team can easily integrate this feature into the platform using its versatile API framework.

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