GoAutomate Automation Features

GoAutomate includes many artificial intelligence features so process developers to get up and running quickly with
advanced intelligence capabilities. Following are some of these features:
Health and Safety

Reading video feeds for face mask and fever detection and social distancing compliance.

Vehicle Detection

Reading video feeds for face mask and fever detection and social distancing compliance.

AML & Fraud Compliance

Anomaly detection and advanced name and address matching algorithms to automate AML and sanctions validation and financial transaction fraud

Document Intelligence

Using natural language to provess complex legal documents and contracts

Payments Modernization

ISO 20022 and MT103 messages can be interpreted, analyzed and processed

Dental X-Ray Analysis

Dental X-Ray analysis to automatically facilitate insurance claims processing


The technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional nancial methods in the delivery of nancial services


The technology that uses information technology to enhance regulatory processes


The use of technology innovations designed to optimize and create eciency from the current insurance industry process


The application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets

GoAutomate Platform Services

Leverage our deep industry skills and resources to provide a successful
automation project with the following services:
Advisory Services

Guidance for your automation program and centre of excellence

Process Discovery

Discovery of the best use cases to automate

Solution Design

Architecture and design of your automated processes

Solution Delivery

Build and deployment of your automations using the best tools for the job

Infrastructure Design, Build and Operational Support

Design, build and ongoing support of your infrastructure and processes

Ongoing Support

Once your project has been deployed, the GoAutomate team is ready to assist in maintaining your solution and ensure it continues to operate effectively.

GoAutomate Compute Unit (GCU)

GoAutomate Compute Unit (GCU) licensing makes massively scaling digital workers cost-effective and simple

GCU: Modern, Cost-Effective and Scalable Licensing
GCUs are based on the consumption of your digital workforce and control the overall concurrent throughput of the platform. Each activity (‘step’) classication within Automation has an associated consumption score, and the number of GCUs licensed within your platform controls how many concurrent operations are permitted

An Intuitive Easy to Use platform

Develop, Deploy and Run Intelligent Processes Easily

Create automated processes with an easy-to-use drag and drop web UI

Humans and Digital Workers Interact SeamlesslyDevelop

A simple web UI humans can review deferred work items in queues and can resubmit them when nished for additional processing by digital workers

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What you get

with GoAutomate

Work with us to experience end-to-end RPA delivery.  We’ll take your automation all the way from use case identification through to production go-live and ongoing management.

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Intelligently Automate Your Business

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Intelligently Automate Your Business

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